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I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands… but this old farmhouse about killed me!

We’re 5 years in… and not NEARLY finished!

After retiring, we bought an old farm house on 10 acres in the Ozark National Forest of Northwest Arkansas. And for the last 5 years have been busy restoring it.

We have chickens, 2 horses, 1 cat… and we’ve raised 2 orphaned baby deer on the place. (Pics below)

The house exterior was 3 different kinds and colors of metal siding and the barn was partially covered in clapboard and sheet iron painted red.

We added insulation (there was none) over the original metal siding and then finished it off with rough cut oak board and batten.

The red clapboard on the barn was also covered in the oak board and batten.

Here’s how it looked when we bought it…


The kitchen before…


The kitchen now…


We stripped the old weathered rough sawn lumber off the barn and used that for the cabinets and interior trim.

I won’t ever try that again!


Cheryl just HAD to have a fireplace. Sooo…


Now she has one…


The Deer Whisperer??

The neighbors’ dogs had something bayed in the shed out back. When we went to see what was going on… “Rocky” (probably 2 weeks old) all but jumped in my sons’ lap.

We put him in with the chickens for the first few days… then we just let him live in the yard… He stayed with us 2 years… then went feral.

Quite an experience!


Times 2!!

The next year after Rocky moved in, the neighbors brought Daisy to us. They found her abandoned in their pasture.

She also lived in the yard for two years and then moved in with the herd.

1a-daisy-red (1)