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Working quietly in the shop… building something useful!

Projects done… projects to do… tips, tools & training.

The House…

After retiring… we bought an old farm house. 5 years later… we’re still remodeling.

We built the cabinets and interior trim out of old barnwood… stripped off the barn. (Can’t believe we actually did that.)

The ceiling is old metal tiles…

The Mandolin…

Being a “Lefty” I always had to restring my mandos.

When I saw Rigel Mandolins’ “Jethro” I knew I had to try and build a left handed version.

I thought “How hard can it be? A year later I knew!

Rug Hooking 101…

Cheryl’s a hooker… errrr… a RUG hooker. Anyway, I prototyped a hooking frame for her… she took it to a rug hooking class… and we wound up in the business of making and selling the damm things all over the world.

Glad that’s over!


Cheryl and I both lost spouses to cancer. We met not too long after her husband died.

I was leasing office space from her to house my first Internet business.

We’re both workaholics and addicted to all things entrepreneural.